Bridge Day 2015

Since 2002, this website served the 450+ BASE jumpers from 10+ countries and 43+ US states that attended Bridge Day each year. Unfortunately, Bridge Day 2015 got off to a bad start with a new Bridge Day Commission requirement to fingerprint all BASE jumpers. Online polls indicated that more than 95% of all Bridge Day BASE jumpers would decline to attend the event if fingerprinting was mandatory. Additionally, no resolution to the State Police bullying of spectators and jumpers has yet been offered. In protest, my company Vertical Visions declined the opportunity to continue as the Bridge Day BASE Jumping Coordinator.

Many thanks to all jumpers, volunteers, staff, vendors, and businesses who supported us over the years.


Jason Bell - BASE #428
Vertical Visions LLC
Bridge Day BASE Jumping Coordinator 2002-2014


Jason and Jennifer Bell
Jason and Jennifer Bell